Company Background – Who We’re Supporting

Keeping in mind that any detail about my company or co-workers is career suicide, I’ll provide enough information to help readers know what we deal with and where we’re heading. Also, I won’t be posting embarrassing help tickets or making entries about funny Helpdesk phone calls (unless I do it, which is pretty common). Those events are why a good IT Helpdesk is important to any company. We encourage our users to contact us for anything and belittling them here for petty ego inflation isn’t why I’m doing this.

I work for Sempra Energy Solutions (SES) LLC, which is currently part of the RBS Sempra Commodities joint venture. You can find out more about what we do here. Simply, we contract with companies looking to save money on their energy bills. If your company wants to save money on your utility bill, contact me and I’ll put you in touch with the smart people who do this.

I’ve been with SES since 2001 after I retired from a 20-year US Navy career and started as a DBA. After a 2-year stint at one of Sempra’s IT shared services organization as Server Manager, I was lucky enough to have a second chance with SES. We reorganized a couple of years ago and I stood up our own Helpdesk team and relocated to our new building in downtown San Diego. It’s been a great ride and I feel I have a great team of geeks with the right skills for the special support requirements of this company. I also act as the Infrastructure manager working with our team in Stamford, CT. I’m a “continual process improvement” fanatic and drive my team crazy with flowcharts and WIKI’s. I detest not learning from our successes and failures.

With over 200 employees in North America, my team supports over 400 Lenovo PCs, Verizon and ATT mobile devices (Blackberries, mostly, with a sprinkling of Droids and Windows Mobile OS). We have over 70 “road warriors” as part of our Sales team. If you’ve ever supported a Sales force, you know how that the Helpdesk has to be nimble and responsive to survive.

We give our users what they need to be successful and we need to do it quickly while spending wisely. I don’t establish standards or policies that make it easy for my team while limiting the technology needed to be successful as a company.

I’ll post more about our technical background soon…DS


About Doug Sigmon

IT Helpdesk manager in southern California. Love technology, gadgets, and golf.
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