Technical Background – The Geek Stuff

I don’t think we are that different from the standard medium sized company. Windows OS and Blackberries are the mainstay of our support and we get all the standard IT help requests. Our biggest challenge is trying to juggle the requirements of our ex-desktop support bosses with those of our new bosses.

Desktop OS – We are a Microsoft shop. It’s not that we don’t like anything else; this just makes it easier to maintain consistency and scalability. Our servers and databases are Microsoft, so it makes no sense to use anything but Windows, so we’ve been on Windows XP since 2001. We’re moving to Windows 7 this year.

Desktop Support Software – Symantec Altiris and LANDesk. Remember what I said about being a “Microsoft shop.” Obviously these products aren’t Microsoft and they each bring their own issues to the support arena. I can’t make the call on the desktop remote support software (LANDesk), but that may change. We are looking for an Altiris replacement and you’ll learn more about why and when following this blog.

Applications – Very little off-the-shelf or out-of-the-box applications for what we do, so it’s purchase a product and configure it to meet our needs. We live on data and getting to the consumer is a big part of our development staff. We love SharePoint 2007 and it’s really helped us enable the business to improve their processes. We have teams supporting these products and our in-house development is DOT NET and we use Visual Studio Team Suite for that and it kicks a**! We have some great developers who can work magic.

Infrastructure – This is where it gets tricky. When we moved into the RBS Sempra JV, we relocated our infrastructure to Stamford. That’s right, our business users access applications that communicate with our servers in Stamford. Using WAN accelerators and CITRIX, we’re able to pull this off with just a little pain.

Communications – We use Outlook 2007 on an Exchange 2007 server and our internal IM system is Parlano’s MindAlign. The desk phones are Nortel.

Project Management methodology – Agile Scrum.

I can give you more info, based on the comments I see.




About Doug Sigmon

IT Helpdesk manager in southern California. Love technology, gadgets, and golf.
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