MMS 2010 – Day 1 Wrap Up – Service Manager 2010 Is a Game Changer!

Finally. Someone gets it.

We use different systems for incident management (Altiris), infrastructure inventory (LANDesk, MOM), and Change Management (TeamTrack, SharePoint, and not at all).

Obviously, this sucks. I have no idea of what we have RIGHT NOW nor do I know what’s happened to the systems.

I can’t tell you what crashed a desktop and we’re “hit or miss” on servers.

Still, we do a great job keeping the business running.

Microsoft Management Services will change that. Service Manager consolidates all of the tasks into a single console and seamlessly allows you to see where you are at anytime. It makes it as simple as it can be while giving you the ability to throw some incredibly advanced processes in place.

If you like SharePoint 2007 workflows like we do, you’ll love the work flow abilities of MS Service Manager 2010. You’ll need someone with intermediate programming skills to support the product, but it’s worth it.

I completed three labs today that really impressed me. The Incident Management, Change Management, and Infrastrucutre inventory capabilities are “spot on.” Absolutely impressed. It’s still buggy, but Service Manager 2010 will finally take us to that level of infrastructure management where users don’t worry about their hardware and we don’t have to ask them “what’s wrong?”

I can’t wait to deploy this product. It’s a “game changer.” I’ll get into specifics on three areas of the next few days; Incident Management, Change Management, Asset Management Life Cycle.



About Doug Sigmon

IT Helpdesk manager in southern California. Love technology, gadgets, and golf.
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