MMS 2010 Keynote – All about Connecting and the Cloud

Today’s big event was the Keynote speech by Brad Anderson and Bob Muglia. After all the hoopla about the “cloud,” I think Microsoft has put it all together with MS Systems Center.

To see the keynote, click here.

The really big news is that MS Service Manager is RTM!!!

You can get it here, but you’ll have to register. A Live account is good and if you don’t have one, shame on you! Come on! We’re talking a Microsoft product and you obviously are an MS geek like me, so get a Live ID already!

Connecting and the cloud. That’s the mantra. Keep in mind, the cloud isn’t just Azure, since third-party companies can help you establish your own or you can use thiers (more on this as I get clued in). So, Larry E., the cloud is here and you’ll be in it just like me. More about the cloud later.

Bob Muglia enlightened all of us today that the TRUTH lies in the data center. That makes sense. Stop and think about how your company sets up their environment.

It really comes down to how you allocate servers and storage. That really dictates your response, flexibility, and IT developer solution. YOU ARE ONLY AS NIMBLE AS YOUR INFRASTRUCTURE.

Unified and virtual. That’s the way to go if you are really looking to quickly deploy reliable solutions.

Connecting from the developer to the end user support staff. That’s the goal. It’s one thing to develop a great Silverlight application, but you’re doomed to failure (or at least anonymity) if you don’t have all of the IT staff onboard.

Today’s development really starts in the datacenter.

That’s where these new products come in.

Microsoft Service Manager provides a common interface that allows you to do this. We desktop geeks now have a path from the developer to the end user to support applications while staying in “lock step” with our infrastructure geeks. We are all on the same page! That’s the way you get “buy in” from the users. All of the IT team supports the product since they are all speaking as one. Finally.

And we can do all of this without outages! When we move an application from development to production, we move all of it. At once. With a GUI! The demos I saw and performed were great. I love the Console UI and will post screen shots soon.

An if you do this in a cloud, the end user doesn’t feel the pain. There is a lot to this I will detail over time.

I’ll rope you in as I install Systems Manager over the next few days. Desktop management for my company, especially Change Management and Incident Tracking, are going to change. For the Better!



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IT Helpdesk manager in southern California. Love technology, gadgets, and golf.
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