Getting Ready for Service Manager 2010


Ok, I’m back from MMS 2010 and fired up about deploying SM 2010. It’s taking a lot of self-control to keep from deploying Operations Manager and Configuration Manager right now. We’re supported by two IT shared services group; it’s going to really tricky politically to roll this out into production without stepping on toes. Also, we’re still in a divesture process and I shouldn’t be making any huge changes that may just be rolled back later. No sense in going full blown with this until I know what I can do.

For now, I’ll just deploy a small SM 2010 evaluation environment. Here are the specifications for this environment. See anything that you’d change (many thanks to the SM team at MMS 2010)?

Project Definition

Microsoft Systems Center Service Manager Evaluation.

IT goal

Using the Microsoft System Center Service Manager Planning Guide, complete an install of the new IT desktop support system, Service Manager, in a test environment for review and demonstration.


Service Manager has six major parts.

  1. Service Manager Management Server
  2. Service Manager Database
  3. Data Warehouse Management Server
  4. Data Warehouse Database
  5. Service Manager Console (desktop client)
  6. Self-service web portal

For this deployment, we will not be deploying 3 and 4.

Application Server

Service Manager Management Server

Service Manager Data Warehouse Management Server (Optional)

Virtual Server OK

Dual Quad Core/RAM 8Gb/10 GB disk space

64-bit Windows Server 2008 Enterprise/.NET 3.5 SP1

Database Server

Service Manager Database

Service Manager Data Warehouse (Optional)

Dual Quad Core/RAM 8Gb/80 GB disk space

64-bit Windows Server 2008 Enterprise/.NET 3.5 SP1

64-bit SQL Server 2008 SP1 SSRS

Select the option to install the native mode default configuration for SSRS

Web Server

Self Service Portal (Can be housed on Application Server)

Dual Quad Core / RAM 8Gb/10 GB disk space

64-bit Windows Server 2008 Enterprise with IIS 7/ASP .NET 2.0/ SSL Certificate


-Whoever is installing these applications MUST be a local admin on the server.

– Service account, which will also be our email account.

– SES SM Admins is a new AD group.

Email Requirements

SMTP server

Network Security (Ports, FTP, etc.)

Service manager console – 5724

SQL server – 1433/1434

Active directory connection – 389

Web browser – 80

Software Location

Here’s the evaluation software.

Associated documents

Very helpful documents from the Service Manager blog.


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IT Helpdesk manager in southern California. Love technology, gadgets, and golf.
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