Questions about Service Manager 2010 Nobody Could Answer


There are some issues we have with Altiris 6.0.6074 (SP 3) that we really like and don’t like.  It’s not a long list, but when I asked the experts at the Microsoft Management Summit 2010 if SM 2010 had the same issues, nobody really seemed to be sure.

1 – Duplicate tickets created by emails sent to the SM 2010 inbox 

In our Altiris system, emails sent to the service account ( will create duplicate tickets if users REPLY TO ALL on the original request.  Since we also have this email address in distribution lists, we have to cancel numerous duplicate tickets, unless the Altiris ticket number is in the subject line.

We did develop a script to overcome it, but it’s not perfect.

How does SM 2010 handle incoming email?  Will it ignore follow on responses to the original email, which is used to open an incident?

(Note:  I know that email history is not appended to an incident.  Future releases of Service Manager will have this feature.)

2 – Automatic Satisfaction Surveys

Altiris has a really nice customer satisfaction survey process that sends survey requests (either randomly or always) whenever we close a ticket.  It’s a great way to report on customer satisfaction and follow up on less than favorable encounters. 

I don’t see that functionality in SM 2010.  Anyone else see it?  Granted, I can add a link to a SharePoint 2007 survey to ticket closure notifications, but it’d be nice to have this internal to SM 2010.

Anybody have anything to add?  Also, I’ll be conducting a product comparison of Altiris versus Service Manager 2010 over the next few weeks. 



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3 Responses to Questions about Service Manager 2010 Nobody Could Answer

  1. Rod Trent says:

    Would love to see the results of your comparison and I’m sure the community would, too.

  2. Hi, on Q1, it will generate a incident for each e-mail. Out of the box Service Manager cant merge incoming e-mails with already existing incidents. On Q2 take a look at

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