Early Adoption of SCSM 2010 Disapproved – Email Handling the Culprit

Well, bad news for our early adoption plans of SCSM 2010 as a IT incident management system.

It was shot down by my fellow managers and the IT user base due to an inability to handle incoming emails.  Even with all of the other superior advantages, this one issue killed the project.

Although I’ve implemented Anders Bengtsson’s solution, which provides a pretty good process for emails IF they include the right subject line (similar to what Altiris does out of the box), it’s not the answer for a robust solution to incoming email conversation threads.

Here’s a screen shot of my challenge.

Original Email with Multiple=

As you can see in this snippet, IR250 and IR 252 are the original tickets opened with the first email sent to our SCSM 2010 email address, which is part of an application administrators distribution list.  Subsequent “Reply to All” emails open new incidents (IR251, IR253-IR254).  Anders’ solution won’t solve this issue.

Of course, there is the argument that we should only use the SCSM 2010 for ticket management and keep the emails separate.   That’s not practical.  The goal here is to use only one system.

I’ll keep watching the SCSM engineering site for any changes to this, but for now, we’re sticking with our Altiris solution.  This isn’t a hard thing to fix, but I don’t have a developer available.

Has anyone else found a solution?


(Note:  Microsoft does plan on deploying a solution for this 2011 Q2-ish.  We’ll wait unti then.)


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IT Helpdesk manager in southern California. Love technology, gadgets, and golf.
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4 Responses to Early Adoption of SCSM 2010 Disapproved – Email Handling the Culprit

  1. Hi Doug – Do you use Exchange for your email system?

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