IT Asset Lifecycle Management – Manually Using the Provance Solution with SCSM 2010 Part 1

While I was disappointed System Center Service Manager (SCSM) 2010 isn’t quite ready for our enterprise, I’ve decided to run with it as our ALM and Change Management solution.  Using the Provance management pack add-in, I’ll post my ALM progress as I roll out the package and manually set up my inventory, since I don’t have Operations Manager or Configuration Manager.

The first thing you should do is sign up for access to Provance’s community website.  If you’re new to this product, view the demo on their home page.  Once there, you can download the Product Demonstration Guide and Sample Data zip file, which contains everything you need to get started.  You can import your data by simply replacing the Provance sample data with your own and modifying the xml data format files, if required. 

Installing the Provance Management Pack

This installation couldn’t be much easier.  Download the trail version and using SCSM 2010 Management Pack importer. It’s a timed trail, but you’ll have more than enough time to test drive the product.   Oh, and read the Product Demonstration – Provance IT Asset Management Pack.docx file first.

Importing your data

Manual data import is time consuming, but you probably already knew that.  Even so, Provance has provided me all of the xml files I need to import my data, so importing isn’t hard, but still takes some time.

Also, any good ALM system automates your inventory process.  By itself, the Provance add-in won’t do this. Until you’ve deployed OM and CM, you’ll have to manually update the database.  I’ll review that process later.

My ALM-related data is in SharePoint 2007 lists or our LANDesk database.   Here’s the order I followed to manually import the data into the Provance tables, which become part of the SCSM 2010 CMDB once you install the MP.  Using the csv import tool, I was able to import all of my data after a creating compliant data files that adhered to the Provance xml data format files (part of the download pack mentioned above).  Just as the Provance document states, you should import the files in this order:

1. User*
2. Computer
3. SWItem
4. SWInstalls
5. Contact
6. Companies
7. CostCenter
8. Location
9. Organization
10. SLA
11. SMA
12. Warranty
13. WarrantiesContract
14. HWCatalog
15. HW
16. SWTitle
17. SWVersion
18. SKU
19. SWLicense

*Not required if you’ve already set up your AD connectors

I’ll provide a review of the import process when I wrap it up in a few days.




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One Response to IT Asset Lifecycle Management – Manually Using the Provance Solution with SCSM 2010 Part 1

  1. James says:


    You mentioned that Provance provided you with all the XML files for import. May I know where you got it?

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