SCSM 2010 Cumulative Update 1 Installation Review


Microsoft released a cumulative update for SCSM 2010 on July 13th.   The update fixes (thanks Corina):

  • Duplicate notifications or workflows on subsequent record updates
  • Analyst Portal error when selecting ‘View Change Requests with Manual Activities to complete’
  • Self Service Portal Change Request Category drop down list items not localized
  • Help documentation not localized
  • Patching should not run all SQL scripts
  • Some relationship properties are not propagated correctly to Data Warehouse
  • ‘Activity Status Changed’ workflow does not work correctly after an MP with a class extension is imported
  • Extended properties used in workflow parameters are not resolved correctly
  • Form customization fixes

Installation is pretty straight-forward. Once you download the 17 MB self-extracting file (64- or 32-bit), simply kick off the install.  Here’s some screen shots, if you’re interested.  The whole install took less than 5-minutes.  No issues to report. 


1.  Obligatory License agreement.

Phase 1 of the install.

2.  Pre-installation checks.


3.  Initialization.


4. Installation.

Wrapping up and finalizing

5.  Wrapping up and finalizing.


6.  All complete.  Start to finish in under 5-minutes.

System back up and operations look good after a reboot.  Overall, a painless update.  Nice job SCSM 2010 team.





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IT Helpdesk manager in southern California. Love technology, gadgets, and golf.
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