What I Learned From I.T. Today

I’m starting a new blog entry theme. 


What I Learned From IT Today. 

IT as in Information Technology.

It’ll be an ongoing thing that I hope helps everyone learn from the crazy stuff a Helpdesk manager encounters everyday. Some posts will be “no duh Doug” events while others may be eye opening.

Today I learned that it’s all about aesthetics.

Who cares what the application does, if it doesn’t fit the user’s eye, they don’t like it.  More than two clicks and they don’t like it.  Honestly, I’m the same way.

We upgraded one of our power users with a new Windows 7 quad-core desktop with 12 gigs of RAM and a smokin’ hot video card.  They had been using a four year-old XP SP2 laptop with 2-gigs of RAM.

This user lives in Excel, Outlook, and Instant Messaging (IM).  The spreadsheets have some very complex macros, which crawled on the old machine. All of this is now lightning fast on the new machine.  More speed = more productivity, better analysis, more deals, more profit.  Simple math.

When I stopped by during my morning walk-about, I found out the user was very unhappy. They had returned to using the old laptop and were not about to adopt the new PC.  No way.  All stop.  ?!?!?!?!

AOL IM (AIM) had crunched all of the IM alerts into a single window.  They couldn’t see important messages on the task bar in real time.

I opened AIM, right clicked, and selected “Show All Messages Individually.”

Perfect.  Problem solved. Everything is right in the universe.

User adoption complete.  What did I learn?

No matter how complex the system, it seems like it always comes down to the little stuff. Communication is key.  Follow up with your customers and you’ll be successful.




About Doug Sigmon

IT Helpdesk manager in southern California. Love technology, gadgets, and golf.
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