WILFITT – August 3rd, 2010


Another entry for “What I Learned From I.T. Today.”

No matter how many times you do something, without a solid Quality Control (QC) process, it will come back to bite you in the …

I hate rework.  Having to go back an redo what someone should have done the first time.  It isn’t malicious, but it does cost you.  Desktop technicians are always in a hurry to knock out one task and move to the next one in their queue, which never seems to get below 20.   It’s especially embarrassing for a Helpdesk when the user calls and let’s you know about it.  For example:

– New PC is shipped but the web-based VPN configuration doesn’t reflect the new hostname.

– New mobile device sent without a charger.

– Laptop ordered, imaged, and delivered, without a docking station.

– Post imaging or computer deployments configuration but not adding these steps to the master image.

How do we overcome this resource-draining rework?  Ideally, you implement systems that ensure your solid processes are repeatable. Until then, use a checklist.  A simple list that we keep in SharePoint 2007 that all technicians can review and update.  As we encounter these oversights, we add it to the list, which anyone can modify (similar to the WIKI concept).  Anyone can help QC and we keep the list pretty concise so it doesn’t create a bottleneck.

Mistakes happen.  Human error is inevitable.  Repeating them over and over is inexcusable. 




About Doug Sigmon

IT Helpdesk manager in southern California. Love technology, gadgets, and golf.
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