WILFITT – 11/4/2010 – No Such Thing As A Change That “Nobody Will Notice”


Seriously, everyday, I hear this…

“ Hey Doug, we want to make a minor change to <insert major production system or network device here>.  It’s just a little tweak that won’t impact Prod.  Nobody will notice.”

My immediate response is the “Glare of Death,” which I perfected during 20-years in the Navy.  The offending computer geek usually retreats back to their desk to kick off the Change Management process. 

I’ve experienced situations like this when well intended geeks make changes without following established change management procedures.  You’ll get away with it sometimes.  Most times, you won’t. 

Changes that can go bad, will go bad.  Plan on it.  All changes affect something or someone.

Usually, it’s a quick fix and things are back to normal. Sometimes it’s worse and people lose their job.

Whether you use Service Manger 2010 for your Change Management or something less robust, like email, STICK TO IT.  Never vary.  Mitigate risk, have a back out plan, and stay out of production.  Simple stuff.

For there is no such thing as a “minor change.”




About Doug Sigmon

IT Helpdesk manager in southern California. Love technology, gadgets, and golf.
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