Windows Phone 7 VS Motorola Droid – Comparing Apples to Apples in the Enterprise

FIGHT! Droid vs WP7I recently obtained a Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7 as a replacement for my Motorola Droid 2.2 phone.  Since I’ve been reading blogs detailing the good and bad of WP7 to current day Droids, I thought I’d let everyone know how it compared to the first Android phone.  Kinda “apples to apples” since each phone was at the beginning of their respective OS life.  It’s not really fair to compare WP7 to the more mature Droid and iOS, so I’m comparing it to my initial use of my Motorola Droid.  Also, I’m focusing more on an enterprise-level and less on the cool widgets, powerstrips, etc.

Here’s some specific reviews with my final recommendation below.  Keep in mind this is with the “out of the box” applications and no downloads from either market, free or otherwise.

Category WP7 Motorola Droid Comments
Exchange set up Winner! Easy, but still requires manual updates at password change time.  Users will hate that.
Battery Life Winner! Even with Bluetooth and Wireless on, my WP7 phone goes 15 hours plus.
Calendar Winner! No Google interface but the Outlook calendar is much more intuitive in WP7.  The management of invites is much better on WP7 than Droid.
MS Office Compatibility Winner! Of course, Google products work much better on the Droid.
Web Browsing Winner! Both do a great job, but the Motorola Droid was faster. I like, however, that WP7 gives me a choice of either desktop or mobile browser.
Navigation (Voice) Winner! While ATT and Bing are OK, Google wins here.
Phone voice communication quality. Winner! Without prompting, users tell me I’m much clearer.  This surprised me since I moved to ATT from Verizon.
Home screen navigation Winner! Winner! I’ve heard grumblings about the size of the WP7 tiles, but I don’t have a problem with it.  Also, having to scroll down instead of across for multiple home pages isn’t a problem for me. I don’t see the difference.
Google products Winner! Duh, but I still wanted to include it.  WP7 really lacks in this area and does a good job of Windows Live interfacing, but aren’t we all on Google now.
Social Media Winner! The “Me” tile is really cool, once you’ve added your social media connections.  One stop for a lot of my social stuff (I know, it’s not really needed for the Enterprise).
Support by Company IT staff Winner! Winner! Both are more cumbersome to support than a Blackberry.  I wouldn’t give either to a non-techie.
Wireless Connectivity Winner! Winner! Both do well here.  Pretty stable.
Bluetooth Winner! My WP7attempts to connect to my car’s Bluetooth music each time I receive an alert or email on the phone.  Annoying.
Market Applications Winner! Face it, nobody is developing apps for the WP7 as quickly as they did for Droid.

While it’s a good phone and great OS, I recommend waiting until Microsoft fixes two major “show stoppers” before considering for the enterprise.  With “major patches” rumored for 2011 Q1, I’d expect to see these corrected:

– Lack of on-device encryption
– Lack of VPN.

My expectations for SharePoint workflows, enhanced Office compatibility, and other Microsoft enterprise products interaction once I have VPN connectivity are very high.  I’d also like to test AD and remote desktop/server management via the phone.  Until I can test those processes, I can’t see the phone’s full potential.

What I can say is that I’m extremely disappointed that Microsoft didn’t at least include VPN capabilities.  The phone is fast, reliable, and stable.  It could have been a viable entry into the Enterprise smart phone battle.  If the next updates don’t fix this, the Windows Phone 7 will probably follow the Kin path to an early grave.

Anything else you’d like compared?


P.S. Neither one of these are a serious enterprise threat to the Blackberry.  Yet.


About Doug Sigmon

IT Helpdesk manager in southern California. Love technology, gadgets, and golf.
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