System Center Service Manager (SCSM 2012) – Exchange Connector 3.0 Wrap Up

Hi Everyone,

Now that I’m back from MMS 2012, Hong Kong (awesome offsite), and a little bout with back surgery, I want to share our recent experience with upgrading from SCSM 2010 to the 2012 version, but that post will be later.  Really, the “upgrade in place” process for the console and warehouse are pretty straightforward, if you have your pre-reqs in order.  Here’s one of many websites that discuss what you’ll need to do before you upgrade.

This post is all about the SCSM 2012 Exchange Connector 3.0 and what we learned that wasn’t on any of the blogs, forums, etc.

If you about to underake the EC 3.0 roll out, visit this blog first.  Well written explanation and troubleshooting post.

We deployed all the steps mentioned above, but still couldn’t connect.

Once we enabled ActiveSynch for the workflow “run as” account, bingo, we started receiving email.  REMEMBER, you need to restart the System Center services after adding the Exchange connector.

(Update – Watch your synchronization timing,  We had ours set to 60 seconds and the connector would fail with the ” “The Request Failed. The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel” error.  Turns out we maxed out connections and had to reset the services to reconnect to Exchange.  Once we adjusted the time to 5-minutes, the connector has been solid.)

  One last note for all the outstanding Microsoft SCSM 2012 support staff, espcially Travis, who have dedicated so much time to this connector.


Whatever it takes, walk down the hall or drive over to the office that houses the people who can support this connector and get it added as part of the product.  After three-days of troubleshooting the product and seeing all the forum post, blogs, and tweets, it’s obvious to me that this is a CRITICAL part of the product.  Please, support it!



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