SCSM 2010 to SCSM 2012 Upgrade in Place – Data Warehouse Lessons Learned – UPDATED

After our upgrade-in-place to SCSM 2012 Data Warehouse (seperate dedicated server but a shared database server environment) all of our report jobs would show as “Running” and would never complete. They weren’t enabled either.  After researching this, it’s a normal state, but my reports were failing with a “no date selected” error.  Below are the high level steps we followed to eventually overcome the problem:

  1. Either rename or delete the SCSM 2010 databases – DWStagingAndConfig, DWRepository, DWDataMart.  You can also create new databases during the installation process and achieve the same results.
  2. Delete these registry keys before every SCSM 2012 DW installation attempt – (HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft Operations Manager and HKLM\Software\Microsoft\System Center)
  3. Install the previous installation encryption key.
  4. Run the SCSM 2012 Data Warehouse installation process as normal BUT skip installing the OM and CM databases.
  5. Register the SPN (see below).
This eventually was how we achieved a successful upgrade.  For the whole history, keep reading…

After upgrading our SCSM 2012 management server, we could not install the data warehouse.  My first troubleshooting stop was this Technet (eerily similar to Skynet when you say it out loud) article, which called for using new SCSM 2012 cmdlets.

To use these cmdlets, you must add them to your powershell script.  This article details the difference between the SCSM 2010 and SCSM 2012 cmdlets.  You’ll need to run these from your warehouse server.

I know my reporting server is working, since I can get to the url – http://Server FQDN/Reports/Pages/Folder.aspx but I coudn’t fix the running jobs.  Reports failed and cubes were not working.

After a few days of troubleshooting, the team decided to rebuild our data warehouse server and start from scratch.  We didn’t, however, delete our old databases (DWStagingAndConfig, DWRepository, DWDataMart) from the separate SQL 2008 R2 server.

Our fist error during the installation on the rebuilt server was the “createMomregkey” error.  Deleting some reg keys (HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft Operations Manager and HKLM\Software\Microsoft\System Center) with an installation of the saved encyption key fixed that.

Then we hit the “SMScript” error and could not get around it.

So, two PSA tickets later (one for cubes and one for the warehouse), we solved the problem by…

  1. Created new DW databases (you can try it with your existing DW databases, but I’m seeing a number of posts about missing criteria on the reports).
  2. Skipped the installation of the Ops Manager and Config Manager databases (you can do that later).
  3. Created an SPN.  Make sure you have correct SPN’s for the servers and databases using the service account for your SCSM data warehouse install.  The SCSM data warehouse process should do this, but it appears to fail during some installs.  This link walks you through the process.  Kerberos errors kill any install until the SPN is registered correctly.

If successful, you can then register your warehouse via the SCSM console.  The first data house job you’ll see is the “MPSYNCJOB.”  This will start running and other jobs will install as management packs are loaded and synchronized.  Process will have a state of “Running” or “Not Started,” so don’t panic if you don’t see a “Completed” status.

Hope this helps. If not, throw me a comment.



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6 Responses to SCSM 2010 to SCSM 2012 Upgrade in Place – Data Warehouse Lessons Learned – UPDATED

  1. Vamshi Gupta says:

    I am reinstalling SW and stuck at the point _RunSMScripts error, going by your statement “Created an SPN. Make sure you have correct SPN’s for the servers and databases using the service account for your SCSM data warehouse install”
    How can anyone find out which SPN need to be created and from which source server to destination, in the same way about database.

  2. Vamshi Gupta says:

    Hey Doug,

    Finally I managed to get the DW reinstalled sucessfully, I did manuall registry cleanup on DW server removing all registry related to System Center.. that is when it continued further…. yipppeee I am happy as this was a long pending issue for my client… thanks a lot for your post which helped me a lot

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