Surface Pro 3 Powers Off when Plugged In – Power Cord Issue – Two Outlet Power Brick

Surface Pro 3 – Hard system fault although connected  to wall outlet, power light is on, and battery sufficiently charged.

When powering on a Surface Pro 3, immediately after log on, the system would completely shut off. It’s plugged in (power light on at the connector) and checking the power icon, it shows that the system is correctly plugged in and charging.

It isn’t.

The power supply for all Surface Pro devices is a two part plug that, if not completely connected at the power brick, will cause the device to randomly power off, even if the battery is charged.

Surface Pro Two Piece Power Supply

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Power Supply – Unassembled

Ensuring the wall-outlet cord is completely connected will correct this issue. Also, make sure you have all of the firmware updates.

Bad connection leads to a short

Make sure the wall outlet cord is completely connected to the power brick.



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